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In 2005, we were travel-loving newlyweds who wanted to experience new cultures together. Africa was on our radar, but Africa’s big! Unexpectedly, we ended up with a connection in Ethiopia, so we went. Friendships began that were deeper than we could have imagined, and we encountered the best coffee we'd ever had.

Four kiddos later, and our company’s birth in 2019, these words sum up the heart of our company: Direct Trade, Direct Relationship, Direct Impact.


As an importing and a roasting company, we primarily source our green coffees from the high mountains of the award-winning region of Sidama, Ethiopia and import it straight to the United States. We buy directly from the coffee producers who are dear friends. Simply put, the Direct Trade process has no middleman. We believe Direct Trade correlates to superior quality and integrity throughout the supply chain.


For us, Direct Trade is built upon trustworthy, meaningful friendships. In 2017, a close friend introduced us to his friend, an award-winning exporter named Yehualawork. The networking began as one meaningful relationship led to another. Now, we are partnered with three amazing coffee-producing families with friendship at the core. We call that Direct Relationship!


As we buy directly from our coffee-producing friends, there’s honest payment for the hard work at Origin. At the same time, customers receive an outstanding product at an equitable price. That’s a Direct Impact on the coffee supply chain. Additionally, with deep roots in Ethiopia, we are honored to see Direct Impact by giving back 10% of all online sales to education and healthcare initiatives in local communities.

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