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Direct Trade. Direct Relationship. Direct Impact

Our Direct Trade Specialty Coffees are sourced through meaningful, long-term relationships. With an emphasis on relationship, deep trust is developed and the highest quality coffees are delivered. Through our current direct trade partners and producers of Sidama coffees, we have access to a network of excellent producers throughout Ethiopia— Yirgacheffe, Guji, Harrar, Kaffa, Limmu, and more. What kind of Ethiopian coffee would you like? Whether it’s premium commercial grade coffees, entry level specialty coffees for commercial production, or coffees from award-winning Cup of Excellence producers, we’ve got you covered! For your forward-booking needs, we are the bridge to any Ethiopian variety.



Dejene Tadesse Coffee and Yehuala.T Coffee (next slide) are sister companies established by a husband and wife team named Dejene Tadesse and Yehualawork Tekabe. Dejene and Yehualawork are lovingly known as Deju and Mimi, respectively.

Dejene Tadesse Coffee is a Specialty Coffee supply company in the award-winning region of Sidama. Having been a producer in the coffee industry since 2008, Deju leads this company and oversees the processing of both Natural and Washed Specialty Coffees. The processing sites are at altitudes of more than 2000 meters.


In 2018, Yehuala.T Coffee was founded as an exporting company of all varieties of Ethiopian coffee. As a leading exporter in Ethiopia, Mimi (Yehualawork Tekabe) heads up this company and has been recognized by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange for her excellence and integrity in exporting. 

Tamiru tadesse :: ALO COFFEE

Alo Coffee is a producer and exporter of Specialty Coffee in Ethiopia. They supply top quality micro lots of Natural, Anaerobic Natural, and Honey Process Coffee. The company owns its own farming and coffee processing site at the altitude of more than 2,450 meters.

Cup of Excellence Ethiopia 2021 Winning Producer:

  • 1st for Anaerobic Process

  • 5th for Natural Process

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