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No more traceless coffee.

Honor and transparency are values we hold deeply. We are passionate about seeing the coffee industry display these values.

We believe genuine relationship-building is key to the process. Our current selection of Direct Trade, Single Origin Specialty Coffees are sourced directly from the Dara and Alo regions of Sidama, Ethiopia.

(Photo: Founder Jeff Chon visiting with dear friend Ruth at Dejene Tadesse Washing Station)


Dejene Tadesse Coffee

Dejene Tadesse Coffee is a Specialty Coffee supply company based in Dara, in the award-winning region of Sidama, and is the provider of our Core Collection & Journey Line.

Having been a producer in the coffee industry since 2008, Deju leads this company and oversees the processing of both Natural and Washed Specialty Coffees.

The processing sites are at altitudes of more than 2000 meters.

(Photo: Dejene Tadesse)

Dejene Tadesse Coffee and Yehuala.T Coffee are sister companies established by a husband and wife team, Dejene Tadesse and Yehualawork Tekabe. Dejene and Yehualawork are lovingly known as Deju and Mimi, respectively.

Yehuala T. Coffee

In 2018, Yehuala.T Coffee was founded as an exporting company of all varieties of Ethiopian coffees.

As a leading exporter in Ethiopia, Mimi heads up this company and has been recognized by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange for her excellence and integrity in exporting.

(Photo: Mimi, or Yehualawork Tekabe, with our son Justus)


Tamiru tadesse :: Alo Coffee

Alo Coffee, owned and operated by Tamiru Tadesse, is the provider of our Ninety Point Offerings from Sidama, Alo.

Tamiru is the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia 2021 Winning Producer with his Anaerobic Process in 1st Place! Additionally, his Natural Process won 5th Place.

Tamiru's washing station sits at 2,480 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level. His progressive methods are pushing the limits of what coffee can be.

(Photo: Tamiru Tadesse)

A deep relationship with the people of Ethiopia is the foundation upon which our company is built. Before there was coffee, there were the friends and family we have come to know and love in Ethiopia.



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