Our Story

Specialty Coffee… Relationships… Legacy… Superior Quality… New Beginnings…
These are words that define Genesis Coffee Lab. Today we are providing our customers with single origin, direct trade specialty coffee. Our roasting company’s roots lie in more than a decade of research, a whole lot of perseverance, and a focus on relationship-building. And that’s where our story begins.

Relationships & Legacy…
In May 2005, we journeyed from Alaska to the opposite side of the world– Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We arrived having no idea that this trip would completely shift our course forever. Overwhelmed beyond comprehension, we saw countless street kids, homeless people, and desperate families in one of the poorest countries of the world. We began to discover our destiny to build relationships in Ethiopia that would last a lifetime and beyond. We quickly realized a partnership was developing. There were people who needed us, and we needed them. In the midst of this life-altering trip, we couldn’t help but smile daily as we sipped some of the finest coffee in the world.

Superior Quality…
Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. It is the only country that boasts the wild growth of native Arabica coffee varieties. We believe there is a direct correlation between this native origin and the coffee’s superior taste. After years of research and much patience, we have developed a personal relationship with a highly respected exporter, a member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Service. Her family owns their own washing station– Degene Tadesse Woreda Dara, and is working with other partners. Our high mountain coffee comes directly from this washing station in the Sidama region. From source to export, there is complete quality control. Then, upon arrival to our Lab, the coffee is handled with the utmost care, as it is air roasted with fluid bed technology.

New Beginnings…
Our deep value to source only single origin, direct trade specialty coffee couples equally with our commitment to seeing lives transformed. Cultivating specialty coffee is such an intimate and meticulous process, from the planting of the seeds to the hand picking of the ripe cherries. We believe the farmers and processors deserve an honest price for their hard work. Since we purchase our coffee directly from its source, the farmers and processors earn a legitimate wage. We also believe in giving back to the country of Ethiopia by investing in the people and their local communities through community development.

At Genesis Coffee Lab, you won’t find any trendy names on our bags. Instead, we honor the people of Ethiopia by displaying the simple name of the local area where the coffee is grown and the washing station where it is processed. We stand strong behind the belief to never settle for the easier way of sourcing untraceable coffee. We are thrilled to provide our customers with superior specialty coffee straight from the source.

Jeffrey and Moriah Chon
Founders and Owners

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