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Our Story

Direct Trade

The mission of Genesis Coffee Lab is to provide our customers with the highest quality Specialty Coffee directly from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is the only country that boasts the wild growth of native Arabica coffee varieties.

As a direct trade importing and roasting company, we source our green coffee from the high mountains of the Sidama region and import it straight to Alaska—no middle man! 

Direct Relationship

Our company’s roots lie in more than 15 years of research, a whole lot of prayers & perseverance, and a focus on relationship-building. When we first journeyed to Ethiopia in 2005, we discovered lifelong friendships, while daily sipping the best coffee we'd ever had. Since then, we have become dear friends with a husband and wife team, Dejene (Deju) Tadesse and Yehualawork (Mimi) Tekabe. Deju is the dedicated owner of Dejene Tadesse Washing Station, which produces the highest grade green coffee. Mimi is the coffee exporter. She has been recognized nationally by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange for her excellence and integrity in exporting. 

The relationship-building continued as Deju and Mimi introduced us to their friend, Tamiru Tadesse. Tamiru and his wife, Messi, recently founded Alo Coffee in Sidama Alo. Tamiru competed in the 2021 Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition, and two of his coffees won 1st place and 5th place out of 1,800+ entries! 

Direct Impact

By directly sourcing through meaningful relationships, lives are being impacted. Without the middleman, the producers and processors receive honest payment for their hard work, and customers pay an equitable price.

Alongside Deju, Mimi, Tamiru and Messi, we are developing a framework to holistically support the supply chain in the Sidama region. Throughout other regions of Ethiopia, we are also holistically investing in people and their communities. 


At Genesis Coffee Lab, you won’t find any trendy names on our labels. Instead, we honor the people of Ethiopia by displaying the simple names of the local areas where the coffee is grown and the washing stations where it is produced. We stand strong behind the belief to never settle for the easier way of sourcing untraceable coffee. We are thrilled to provide our customers with superior Specialty Coffee straight from the source.

Jeffrey and Moriah Chon
Founders and Owners

Genesis Coffee Lab Founders & Owners

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